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Tubal ligation is an excellent family planning tool for many women living in or around San Antonio, Texas. The procedure is safe and effective, and offers lasting results. In fact, as many as 27% of women who use contraception choose tubal ligation as their preferred method, and Dr. Okey Okoli proudly offers in-office tubal ligation through Advanced Women’s Care. If you’re ready for a birth control method that is safe, permanent, and readily available, contact the office today to schedule an appointment. Calling or scheduling online makes it easy to find an appointment time that works with your schedule.

In-Office Tubal Ligation Q & A

How does tubal ligation work?

Many people refer to tubal ligation as having your “tubes tied.” This is misleading, because there is no tying taking place — tubal ligation is a surgical procedure that blocks your fallopian tubes.

This prevents your eggs from moving from your ovary to your uterus. The blockage is complete, meaning that sperm cannot pass through your fallopian tubes to enter your uterus.  

Some women choose to have tubal ligation done shortly after delivering a child. Another option is to have the procedure done in your doctor’s office, during a time when you’re not overwhelmed with the strain and discomfort associated with childbirth.

What is the process for in-office tubal ligation?

Once you and Dr. Okoli determine that tubal ligation is the best contraceptive approach, you’ll come in for your appointment. You’ll change into a surgical gown, and receive medication to help you remain comfortable during the procedure.

Dr. Okoli makes one or two small incisions in your abdomen near your navel. Those openings allow him to insert a flexible tube fitted with a tiny scope.

Small surgical instruments are inserted through the tube, which allows Dr. Okoli to access your Fallopian tubes. There are several ways to create a blockage, including cauterization, electrocoagulation, or obstruction.

Next, the instruments, scope, and tube are removed, and the incision is closed. You might receive pain medication to assist with any post-operative discomfort, but recovery time is minimal, and most women are able to resume their normal activities within just a few days of the procedure.

Am I a good candidate for in-office tubal ligation?

The primary concern in using tubal ligation as a contraception tool is the very efficacy of the procedure. While it is sometimes possible to “reverse” a tubal ligation, in most cases the results are permanent.

This means that no woman should go through with a tubal ligation until she’s absolutely certain she has no plans to have a child or add to her current family. In years past, doctors were very hesitant to perform these procedures on younger women.

The concern that a woman might change her mind after having a tubal ligation is well-intentioned. However, the approach taken today is to take the time to speak with each woman seeking this procedure and listen to her wishes.

If you would like to explore in-office tubal ligation as a birth control option, schedule an appointment with Advanced Women’s Center at your earliest convenience.